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Webshop ACTIE PRODUCTEN Skunk2 ULTRA Race Inlaatspruitstuk + 90mm gasklep COMBO (K20A motoren)

Skunk2 ULTRA Race Inlaatspruitstuk + 90mm gasklep COMBO (K20A motoren)

 Skunk2 ULTRA Race Inlaatspruitstuk + 90mm gasklep COMBO (K20A motoren) | 307-05-8000/309-05-0900 | ALL4HONDA Skunk2 ULTRA Race Inlaatspruitstuk + 90mm gasklep COMBO (K20A motoren) | 307-05-8000/309-05-0900 | ALL4HONDA
ALL4HONDA – Skunk2 ULTRA race Inlaatspruitstuk (K-serie motoren) NIEUW! – 307-05-8000ALL4HONDA – Skunk2 ULTRA race Inlaatspruitstuk (K-serie motoren) NIEUW! – 307-05-8000
Skunk2 ULTRA Series Inlaatspruitstuk (K-serie motoren) NIEUW!-307-05-8000_productSkunk2 ULTRA Series Inlaatspruitstuk (K-serie motoren) NIEUW!-307-05-8000
Skunk2 ULTRA Series Inlaatspruitstuk (B-serie motoren)
Skunk2 ULTRA Series Inlaatspruitstuk (B-serie motoren)
Skunk2 ULTRA Series Inlaatspruitstuk (B-serie motoren) NIEUW!
Artikelcode: 307-05-8000/309-05-0900

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Artikelbeschrijving Skunk2 ULTRA Race Inlaatspruitstuk + 90mm gasklep COMBO (K20A motoren)

The engineers at Skunk2 Racing have worked tirelessly to develop the next generation of high performance intake manifolds and are proud to announce the release of the much anticipated Ultra Series Intake Manifold. Years of R&D have culminated in a multi-piece cast aluminum intake manifold that offers advantages that only a modular design could allow.

Building upon the performance legacy of our Pro Series Intake Manifold, as well as using the latest in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software; Skunk2 Racing has created a three-piece modular design that allows for easy disassembly, porting, and plenum volume changes through the use of a removable plenum and optional plenum spacers. In addition to CFD testing, the Ultra Series Intake Manifold has undergone extensive in-house dyno and on-car testing which has led to a design that is less restrictive, yielding both torque and power gains well over many of the competitors.

Ultra Series Intake Manifolds are made from high-grade 356 aluminum alloy for a strong and lightweight design, CNC-machined for a precise fit, and individually inspected for quality assurance. The large 90mm throttle body opening, 87mm velocity stacks, and hi-velocity intake runners with smooth transitions allow the Ultra Series Manifold to outflow the competition. Designed to be used with built, high-horsepower naturally aspirated or forced induction setups, the Skunk2 Ultra Series Intake Manifold helps provide a new level affordable high-end intake technology to the marketplace.


Available in 3.5L (4.5L and 5.5L configuration require the purchase of optional spacers)
Optional Billet Aluminum Plenum Spacers in 1L or 2L sizes
Hi-Grade Mounting Hardware
6.5” Tilted & Tapered Hi-Velocity Runners
Raised 87mm Velocity Stacks - Plenty of Material to Port
Provisions for additional injectors on bottom side of runners
90mm Throttle Body Flange - Std. 5.0L Ford Pattern
4 x 1/8” NPT, 3 x 1/4” NPT and 1 x OEM AIT Port
Includes Thermal Manifold Flange Gasket
Generously Cast Runner Walls for Porting
Fits ALL Popular Chassis Configurations - Not Just Race Cars

Note: Ideal for turbocharged and naturally aspirated racing applications.


Skunk2 is proud to introduce its 90mm Pro Series Throttle Body. Skunk2’s Pro Series Throttle Bodies are designed to be used with Ultra Series Intake Manifolds for bolt-on horsepower and torque gains by optimizing engine airflow.

Skunk2 throttle bodies undergo an extensive design and testing process to produce a unit that doesn’t just provide more flow, but retains smooth drivability and OEM throttle characteristics. Skunk2 Pro-Series Throttle Bodies are designed using the latest CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) tools to produce a unit that exceeds industry standards. Each Pro-Series Throttle Body is CNC-machined from forged, billet 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized for durability. Additionally, Skunk2’s unique design relocates the MAP sensor underneath and eliminates the OEM coolant outlets for cooler operation and a cleaner appearance.

A larger throttle body is key to producing additional power throughout the powerband on modified engines with increased airflow demands. Skunk2’s new Pro Series Throttle Bodies feature a 90mm bore, and utilize a Mustang 5.0 bolt pattern. Skunk2 90mm Pro-Series Throttle Bodies use Honda MAP and TPS sensors.
K20A engines need a TPS adaptor for correct fitment (see picture).

Large 90mm Bore
Ford Mustang 5.0 Bolt Pattern
Uses Honda MAP and TPS sensor
Compatible With OEM Throttle Cable
CNC-Forged 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
Sealed Bearings For Smooth Operation
Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Hard-Anodized Finish
Eliminates OEM Water lines For Cooler Operation
Integrated Skunk2 Badge

Toepasbaar op:

- Civic 01-06 Type R
- Integra 01-06 Type R

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